Thursday, October 8, 2009

220 of 365 memories...lips, lessons and love

After our late Friday night at the football game, we woke up bright and early for Jakob and Brian to participate in a charity 5K race "Run for Erin". Both Brian and Jakob came in first in their age groups. I have to brag on my hubby for a minute. He came in 3rd total out of a couple hundred runners. His time was 20 minutes and some seconds. (It's been taking me that long just to walk down my driveway :)

We got to bid on some really cool gift baskets and we won 2 gift certificates for local restaurants. And all the money went to help MPS. Hannah bid on a WebKinz basket and was a little upset that she didn't win. When we were leaving and she was dragging her bottom lip behind her and I pulled her to the side where they had some kids with MPS working at a table and I told her, that ticket that we bought to try and win is going to hopefully one day help all those kids get better. And one day they might not have to have a race for this disease because WE will have helped to find a way to stop it. Her lip wasn't so Angelina Jolie after that :)

A wonderful way to start off a busy Saturday morning!!

Jakey boy

my hubby in the home stretch

getting their times

my peeps

1st place!!

not bad for an OLD MAN!!

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Elizabeth said...

You are all so wonderful.

Way to teach your kids to be good humans.

So proud to know you.