Friday, October 9, 2009

221 of 365 memories...A very cute pain in the butt!

how many tries before the kid stops complaining

the world may NEVER know!!

Alex had his Homecoming dance on Saturday.
He went with a bunch of friends
(opted for no date this year, but the conversation we had before this decision was SO blog worthy!)
He had a lot of fun just being with friends and he even danced a little
(maybe he can teach his father his moves:)
Next year when I post about Homecoming dances, he will be a Freshman in high school.


Elizabeth said...

He's so cute.

I'm so afraid for our future!

Learning from ya, girl. Thanks.

Mel said...

Ok in case you didn't know...there is an annoying pop up thing on your blog. you know the kind that opens and moves with you blocking your view of the blog?

I'm just me... said...

Yikes! I'll start praying for ya now, momma's of high schoolers need all the prayers they can get! I don't know how my own momma survived it.