Sunday, October 11, 2009

222 of 365 memories...5 Halloweens in Georgia, WOW!!

Last Sunday our subdivision had the annual Halloween party.
While I stayed home to study for a Math test, Brian took Hannah over to join in the festivities. She had a blast. But really how could she not, it was a candy filled, jumpy jump heaven!!
She walked around with these waxy lip things for so long, she was still stained the next day for school. When I asked her what her face painting represents, she told me it's all of her favorite things, ghosts (that's a new one), J for Johnson (OK, I get that one), and G for Georgia (because mom really the bulldog is SO much cuter than the tiger) I asked her to keep that little comment to her self, because I wasn't in the mood to break out my riot gear when her brothers attack her :) Gotta love the Fall and college football!!

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Elizabeth said...

She is so awesome!

And with lips like that, who needs Angelina Jolie?