Sunday, October 11, 2009

223 of 365 memories... sharing my Fall love!

My foyer table. I LOVE this sign!
I found it 2 years ago at Hobby Lobby.
I would love to keep it out all year long,
because I really do believe that EVERY season, should be a season of thanks!

our in door pumpkin patch.

my daughter said that when she gets big and buys a house, she wants an indoor pumpkin patch. "Mom, can you help me with it?" I would be honored, I told her :)

dining room fun!

my mantle has some flowers popping up!!

As I was taking the pictures around the house, Lola was following me and then posing. So I had to add her! She has an under bite only a mother could love :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

You're inspiring me!

Now that Sam is back to school, maybe I should get to decorating! (The laundry can wait, right?)

And HOBBY LOBBY! Oh, that brings back memories.