Monday, October 19, 2009

you better work it!!

The Saturday before Alex's Homecoming dance, we took him to the mall to pick out a new outfit for the dance. (That was WE, MEANING me, Brian, Jakob and Hannah, yes I know you all thought that I was a slightly intelligent woman, I am also a gulden for punishment :)

I told Alex we could go to one of those stores in the mall that smell like a 17 year old boy who is trying to get lucky. Well I didn't use THAT description to my 13 year old but that was what I was thinking.

Abercrombie won't be in our future unless we decide that jeans and a t shirt are as important as groceries for the month, so we settled on American Eagle.

I can do this I thought to myself, I can shop with my son for clothes that could fit his father. I can watch him try on things that have no adjustable waist. And watch the size -2 sales girl, say "that's hot".

Hey horny buns, he's not for sale!! No I didn't! But I was thinking it :)

We found some items that we both (I know hard to believe) agreed on and then we were done.

A few days later because I wasn't scarred enough, I found myself in Justice. If you have never had the pleasure to walk into a Justice store, be VERY VERY happy. My cornea's are still on fire. Hannah has been asking for about 2 years if we could " JUST PLEASE MOM, GO IN THERE!" I thought I would surprise her and have some things waiting for her, when she got home from school.


Being a easy breezy (Target and Kohl's) shopper, I was surprised to see how much these few little items meant to them. They were both VERY excited and surprised that I brought up going to these places.

Either I'm really cheap in my kids eyes or I'm really cheap in my kids eyes.

Whatever it may be, they are growing and mom has got to step out of the (Target) box every now and then.

I will be kicking and screaming the whole time, JUST SAYIN'..........

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Elizabeth said...

This is such a perfect post.

Sam wears mens small to med now and it's so hard. He's also my eye to eye guy now. But, as I tell him, still my baby, and I can still pick you up if I risk disc rupture (me) and psychological scarring (him).

Abercrombie is so loud in the mall hall, I can't imagine going in there without some sort of industrial ear protection. Can you imagine the clerks checking me out with my chainsaw earmuffs and mom jeans?