Tuesday, November 10, 2009

233 of 365 memories...me too daddy!

Hannah has recently started talking about wanting to run. She sees her daddy and Jakob do it and I think that she thinks she is missing in on the action. Or maybe it is that Jakob occasionally gets smoothies after track practice :) HMMM, you be the judge.

Whatever the reason, it makes for some REALLY cute pictures....

getting her number for her Haunted Halloween race

it was SO cold, 35 degrees at about 8 in the morning.
Were hard core!!

look at those smiles while they warm up.
She brings out a certain smile on my husband, that only his baby girl can do!

listening to the running course

that's MY baby!!

of course this was a family affair :)

getting a little boost

Brian running his 5K after he ran a mile with Hannah.

getting high 5's from his fans :)

yep, he ran 3.2 miles in 20 minutes and 36 seconds.
Don't worry he makes me sick too :)

taking care of daddy.

me and my iron man

they really do love each other,
even if they annoy the heck out of each other!

she LOVES her shadows!

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Elizabeth said...

She is so awesome. And so are you parents. WTG!

Did you get the PP proj done?

(I just wanted a chance to say PP :) )