Tuesday, November 10, 2009

234 of 365 memories...it's the Great Pumpkin Johnson's!!

Whatever were we watching that was SO interesting (see Alex's excitement :)

it's a MUST every year.
They all know, I don't care if you look at the T.V. or not.
Peanuts cartoons and the holidays, are MY favorite!

for the record, that's my hubby doing his side planks while watching.
If I ever want abs like his, I guess I should put down the loaf of bread and join him on the floor.
Or I'll just enjoy the view :)

I think he was peeking during the great pumpkin part :)

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Elizabeth said...

I used to get freaked out over the Great Pumpkin. My brothers told me he was going to come and eat my toes. I was 12 before I successfully watched the whole thing!

You are so good at traditions in your house!