Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The truth hurts

And sometimes it REALLY REALLY sucks!
This is Jakob's last year of believing.
The second one of my children to bite the dust when it comes to HO HO HO meaning something.

I'm sure he will follow along in Alex's footsteps and help me keep our traditions alive.
Help keep the magic going for their sister.
He will be fine because my children are as awesome as awesome gets.
Me on the other hand, I'm wondering more and more now a days, how did this happen?
When did I become the mother with the older kids?
When did movie dates and smelly armpits become REGULAR conversation?
Or how about high school credits that will help in college?
And the kicker (GULP) pubic hair???

REALLY who are these smelly, not so little, hairy boys and what did they do with my babies!?

Jakob and I will have the same conversation that Alex and I had. It will be centered around Jakob's thoughts and the best way he perceives things. The words "there's no such thing as......." will never come out of my mouth.

It goes something like, in our hearts we believe in lots of things that we can't see and if we didn't believe, how boring would life be?

Then I will go on and talk in great detail (with a box of tissues close by) about "how awesome it has been and how much better it can be".

If we just BELIEVE!

Did I say it SUCKS???

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