Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We'll now return to our regularly scheduled life

We have put some serious miles on the beast in the last 12 days. Not to mention extra pounds around the places that extra pounds like to hangout and over when you put on your skinny jeans :)

We started off our Thanksgiving holiday (10 days off), with a trip to South Carolina. Jakob competed in regionals for cross country. He came in 12th out of 60 something kids and shaved off over 40 seconds on his time!! It was a beautiful day to be alive. The facility was gorgeous, red and golden trees as far as your eyes could see. And team spirit was so loud, you would of thought the gods themselves were cheering!

We finished off that weekend with a night at home of repacking. Then we headed to Louisiana for the week! It was a much needed dose of my hometown, for EVERYONE.
Family, food, and a ghetto Martha Stewart was just what the doctor ordered!!

Of course I will go into detail later. Right now it's back to reality. I have finals this week and next . I can not believe I am almost finished my first semester of college. Those words still make me giggle :)

I hope all of you out there in blog land, had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving. I hope you all had tears of joy for good food and even better conversations.

LORD knows I did!!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh I just want to comment on each and every post and answer your email, but I feel like reheated oatmeal...

Long story short, I found out I'm allergic to an antibiotic today. Joy.

Sounds like you've got a cold.

Lena? Could you deliver some Sweet Tea and some chicken soup for me? :)