Friday, January 15, 2010

Those were the days.....

I remember one morning when Hannah was a baby, being so sleep deprived that when I was packing Alex's lunch for kindergarten, I packed my cell phone in his lunch instead of his sandwich. On that same day Jakob must of tried to "help" me put the baby (Hannah) in the car seat at least 20 times. At one point I thought to myself maybe he is giving me a sign. Like hey lady, ya you, with the crusty stuff on your face and baby spit up in your hair. I'm putting this kid in the seat, so we can drive her back where she came from!

I remember these days like they were yesterday. And yet yesterday feels like it was forever ago.

I waited for what seemed like ever for Hannah to get hair. REAL hair. She was bald, then she had thin little wispy curls. No bows or barrettes would stay in her hair. When she was almost 3, her hair thicken up and that was when I started my bow investment.

By the time she was 6, bows ARE SO NOT HAPPENING MOM!

I would still try and sneak one or 4 in, in a week. When second grade started this year, I was made to promise (I had my fingers crossed, but she caught me :) PLEASE NO BOWS!

So I haven't asked, I haven't tried to sneak in in the middle of the night and put one in just for fun.....OK maybe the one time.

And this Christmas Break, we laid the bows to rest and my daughter breathed a sigh of hair torture relief.
Another chapter closed, while another one starts.......

this was the revised 2008-2009 version

the last 2 survivors, one for school spirit, the other because it's Fleur De Lis.
She said she is keeping these, just because. I was looking for them the other night while Hannah was sleeping, to UMMM see how they were and I can't find them.
She is a smart little cookie :)

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