Friday, January 15, 2010

shine on baby!

At our new Year's Eve party, one of my girlfriends started to tell my mother in law about her first impression of me. She thought I was a goodie goodie. Much to the delight of my in laws, she told them why she thought this and how quickly she realized she was WRONG!

Another one of my girlfriends that night, said that someone told her their first impression of her was that she was "polished".

I like that word.
I like polished floors, furniture and toenails.
I am not a "polished" woman.
My mouth is to large for the polished thing.
But I do make a mean pot of red beans :)

One of my professor this week, made a comment about some of our papers that we turned in. She said a few of us needed to work on our "polishing" skills. If we saw an X on the paper, then in her words, "we needed to polish away".

I'm testing my wax on wax off skills right now.....

Happy weekend!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

How is school, girl?

You don't need polish, you already shine.