Monday, February 22, 2010

The Comedy Of Multiple Mothering

One of my professors asked us to fill out a little questionnaire on why we think multi tasking is so important now a days. Do we think we WOULD be good at it? Also, do we think that it is harder to balance everything in life because of all the modern technology?

I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

Honey, I should of been awarded the Noble prize of....
Keeping my son from losing a limb
Reminding my other son to brush, wash, and breathe everyday
Saving a little blond child from yet another nasty tango with a roller brush

and that's all before 7 AM.

Then on the afternoon menu it's all,

one child walking in complaining about a teacher who is SO MEAN because I mean seriously mom, we have to pay attention to every little detail of the test material and she didn't even tell us it was going to be on the test (well if it's TEST material, it's safe to assume that's it's going to be on the UMMM test!)

another child needing to know how to google college scholarships and what event in the Olympics pays more with endorsements (go to google and type in, how I'm going to support my aging mother?)

and another child needing help with the color periwinkle because the crayola version just isn't what she saw in her dream last night (I'm thinking that Mrs. Crayola would be really upset if we mess with her colors, so how about a nice shade of lavender)

All this while cooking a delicious well balanced meal, standing up straight as to not play into the illusion that I am a flat chested boy (that is an illusion right?), vacuuming and figuring out why I should care about
8x squared + 12 xy cubed - 14=

Did she REALLY ask if we think we could be good at this?
Well lets see, I haven't had to be medicated yet because of these 3 little beautiful life sucker outers.
So I would say SCORE!!

And no form of technology has made anything harder in my life. If I don't like it or don't want my kids to take part in it, I say a word that is very foreign to a lot of parents now a days because God forbid their kids might not like them for's called NO, have you heard of it??

Some days, I say it over and over again in hopes that one of my little beautiful life sucker outers will be mad at me, like really really mad and not talk to me for a whole 5 minutes or at least until they need to find their socks.

So in the end I put, yes it's important, I kick major butt at it on an every day basics and no I don't think technology has anything to do with it.

As the teacher handed our papers back, she handed mine to me and had a chuckle in her voice when she said my name.

teacher : I like your brain Mrs. Johnson.
me : well thanks I'm pretty fond out it myself.
teacher : your the comic relief I needed this weekend.
me : I got plenty more where that came from :)

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Kristin said...

Love it!!!! Way to go college mom!