Friday, February 26, 2010

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise

On more mornings than not when I awake at O dark thirty I find a sleeping beauty in my bed. Somewhere between my husband awaking and leaving at an even early O dark thirty and my alarm going off, this beauty slithers her way under my covers and falls back to sleep after she attach's herself to me as tightly as we were when she was growing inside of my belly.  She doesn't use the personal space rule, she doesn't care about mommas dragon breath in the mornings, she just wants to be close to me.

This morning she didn't fall back to sleep.
I was restless and so was she.
So what do two restless ladies do?
They chat of course.
About which planets are our favorites (Saturn and Uranus) and why (because they're colorful).
About why the glitter pink scarf just didn't go with the yellow shirt (because the color just didn't work together) and about why God is giving me and daddy the honor of raising such a beautiful little lady (because we must have done something right).

(pardon the crusty eyes and drool stains, my daughter has been enjoying taking lots of self portraits lately)

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Elizabeth said...

That is simply beautiful.