Friday, March 12, 2010

And then there were 4

11 years ago, my families prayers were answered. After 3 months of best rest, needles, specialists, and tears; my husband and I delivered a healthy baby boy. We named him Jakob Brian. He came out letting everyone in the delivery room know that not only was he feisty, he was a fighter. Brian and I were told for many months before this day, that we should expect a sickly, very small baby. My amniotic fluid had been half the normal amount for months with little to no explanation of why. Our babies growth was closely monitored by ultrasounds every other day and wonderful steroid shots for mom. We prayed and prepared for the big day. I wasn't scared of what was to come, I was excited to meet this creature that I had fallen so deeply in love with months before. What ever the outcome, Brian and I knew we could face it.

Jakob was born weighing in right over 9 pounds. When the nurse took him from my chest to weigh him, he had a death grip on my finger and was not happy to have to let go. He picked his head up and immediately started to scream; right then and there I knew I was in trouble.

He is a bonafid self proclaimed mommas boy. My boy doesn't care who knows it, he wears that title proudly. Jakob has more passion in his little finger, than most people have in their whole bodies. Everything that he does he does well, and any obstacle that is put in front of him is only more of a reason for him to shine. Much like me, he wears his heart on his sleeve. Emotions are like breathing, they just happen. Much like his father, he is completely driven to always succeed.

I love watching my children grow into the people that they are. This is the best job that God has given us as parents. Nurturing and loving these little space aliens until one day, when they need us less and less. My son Jakob has taught me that no two children are alike, what works with one doesn't always work with the other. He has also taught me the art of patience or should I say my lack there of. Just as his brother before him and then his sister after him, my passion and love for him is the same.

His love of life, hazel eyes and one dimple smile has always mesmerized me.
He is the baby that I fought for, that I live and breathe for, he is my boy!

Happy Birthday Jakey boy, we love you!!

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