Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'll take all the "cents" I can get

You know how you have one of those weeks, that are so jammed pack and full of 200 little things that add up to one big headache? That's been this week. On one hand I'm thankful because it means everyone is healthy and happy enough to be super busy and on the other hand, WE'RE SUPER BUSY. I've been dancing with the devil at school the past few weeks and I am determined to have him lay that golden fiddle on the ground at MY feet.

Up until today we haven't seen sunshine, real sunshine, in almost a week. We've had arctic winds, rain and gray skies. Some kind of way in the nasty weather, trees have started to bloom and the Energizer bunny has been banging inside my skull ever since. No matter how happy of a person you normally are, after dancing with the devil in the dark, while the Easter bunny bangs in your head, your bound to need a very long P A U S E.

This morning I realized that I didn't have the right cake mix to make Jakob's birthday party cake. I was going to make his cake this morning before heading to my classes. After my classes this afternoon, we were booked back to back with things up until his friends arrived. Baking the cake in between the activities would have to work. I stopped at Wal-mart before school to pick up the correct cake mix, funfetti, as I was driving to the store my head was still pounding and I was replaying what I needed to do for this day and the next couple of days in my head.

As I pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot, the sun started peeking through the clouds. It was golden and glorious, I got out of my truck and took a short walk around the parking lot. I was stalking the rays. As they moved I moved. I followed them for about two minutes. Until my brain reminded me that we were on a time crunch and needed to get back on track. For those two brief moments my head stop hurting.

I noticed something on the ground as I walked through the parking lot towards the doors of Wal-Mart. There were little silver rays coming off of it where the sun was hitting it. As I got closer a car passed over the shiny silver thing. The car moved on and the sparkles came again, it was a dime. A shiny, sparkly dime. I walked over it and for some reason turned around to pick it up. My daughter loves to find pennies or any change on the ground. We call them "pennies from heaven." "Finding a dime is certain to bring good luck," Hannah has told me before. I dropped the dime in my pocket and fiddled with it the entire time I was in Wal-Mart. It wasn't scratchy even though it had been rolled over, it calmed me. I know it sounds silly, but it did.

When I'm rushing around doing this and that, I rarely ever look at the ground. I'm focused on the task at hand and working on my next one. I don't stop to pick up a dime because that would just slow me down. I most definitely don't walk around the Wal-Mart parking lot for two minutes stalking sunshine because really, WHO has two minutes? Well today I had two minutes and my paw paw wanted me to enjoy them enough to notice a shiny sparkly dime to bring home to his great grand daughter, and so that was what I did. My headache is still here, but my baby girl is .10 cents richer today and proudly stated that mommas paw paw sent her a "penny from heaven."

I went back through my blog archives looking for another time that I blogged about my paw paw and his helping hand that he lends me from heaven. I found it here and then I noticed the date. HMMM maybe March is the month that I need him the most. Maybe it's all made up in my head. Whatever it is, it feels good when it happens and I welcome that feeling any day the Lord wants to share it or him with me.

I hope you find some "pennies from heaven." I'm sure your "paw paw's" have dropped a few for you, remember you have to stop and look for them. Let me know what you find in your Wal-Mart parking lot :)

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The Campbells said...

My penny from heaven....I was having a rough spring 3 years ago with the loss of Brendan. I was nervous about picking up his ashes and made my mom ride with me to the funeral home. As I was getting back into the car with his ashes, I noticed something shiny sitting on the ground. Something came over me and I picked it up. That is when my mom told me about pennies from heaven, that they mean someone put that there for you because they wanted you to know they love you and are thinking of you. I started crying, but the good cry and it made the whole day so much easier.