Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do you say, under construction in Spanish?

our four day outside job has turned into
many many more because of the rain.
Al Roker has promised me days filled
with blue skies and sun next week.
I hope he is right, I had to fill out my census
form last week and almost included the workers
because they have been here so long.

slowly coming along

three Spanish men, one husband and one neighbor = my beautiful new foyer fixture

yes the crazy white lady is taking yet even more pictures

for a minute I thought that was my oldest son up there,
he rocks the holey sock thing like no bodies business!

more dust and mess and fun

by the end of the first week the workers have officially
moved in, bringing their microwave with them.
I hope the census people don't find out.

Monday brought us a brand new week. By the end of that brand new week our house will be half way done it's face lift, our outside fridge will be minus a few beers and I will be merrily driving to the local liquor store to happily stock up for the next week.

Brian and I are do it your selfers, or just cheap, whatever you want to call it. He doesn't We don't like to pay someone else to do something that we are very capable of doing. But the truth is, I'm old and lazy and have already done more caulking, painting, sanding, staining, priming and cursing than most women my age, so I'm sitting this makeover out. I'm paying good money to supervise someone else to do my dirty work. And I have to say, I LIKE IT!!

So far so good, but we still have a ways to go. Good thing we bought that new fridge :)

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Elizabeth said...

A quick hi.

We went to Italy! (And while we were there, my grandma almost died) Awful awful.

So, I've been away from blogdom for a while.

Hope you are well.

(The microwave shot is hysterical. We had a guy that never used our bathroom, but had lots of pop cans strewn around. So, stay away from any isolated pop cans!)