Friday, April 16, 2010

Nice and Easy

My boys really are very predictable. I guess that's good because their momma doesn't do well with surprises. I like repetition, I like knowing what's next. On most days I know how the afternoon is going to play out just by the way they sit on the sofa. Some days you can see the ominous clouds looming before the bus driver even pulls away from our street. The last couple of days this is the way I have found them

side by side on the sofa flipping the channels between Sports Center and The Weather Channel. They have been banned from video games during the week and I have to say that that was one of the best parenting moves I've made in a long time. Between 3 days of track practice, band practice, art lessons and anything else we can squeeze in, video games had to go bye bye Monday- Friday.

For a few weeks I was thinking that these two little penis toting creatures weren't going to make it to their next birthdays. Their arguing, fighting and just plain rudeness to each other had me seeing stars. In the past week or so I've seen a calmness come over them. Maybe it's because we've opened Pandora's Box in our house and little missy wasn't ready to close anytime soon. One project has turned into....well a whole bunch. And we have all been ready to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. Maybe they realized (after being told over and over again) that I really meant it when I said their allowances were now going to buy my hair color, because lord knows when momma stresses the grays start to popping! Or maybe, just maybe they got sick and tired of hearing their own selves complaining. What ever it was that flipped their switches, I don't really know (or care). All I know is my tired gray hairs thank you!

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Elizabeth said...

Penis toting creatures!

You are hysterical.

Your house and mine...war zones.

What is it about home projects??? One leads to another.