Saturday, April 17, 2010

she's a sneaky little witch

Welcome to Pandora's Box or what use to be called the Johnson home.

We started off planning on just painting some rooms in the house and having the outside painted. We threw in some new fixtures to be hung and that was supoose to be the extint of the remodel for now. During the second day of painting my neighbor informs us that he found a hard wood guy who was willing to give both of us a deal on the labor if he did the houses in the next two weeks. So our painting project turned into refinishing our exctisting hardwoods and adding it to our two front formal rooms, up our stairs, into the landing and hall. Okay great, it will be beautiful! Then my husband decides while that's going on, he should change out our spindels from wood to wrought iron.

Sounds good honey. Then of course after the hardwoods were done up stairs (the spindels are a work in progress) we realized how badly the carpet was in the bedrooms. So your never gonna guess what we did next???
Yep you guessed it, recarpeted the bedrooms. We have the painters coming back one more time to paint the bottoms of the steps and the baseboards. After that Pandora's Box is being shut and duck tapped close. At least until after Christmas, that's when the kitchen remodel will begin!

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Kristin said...

Oh my. Well, all I can say will look gorgeous when it is finished!!