Friday, May 21, 2010

It's right around the corner

Jakob's field day
muffins with mom
Alex's final curtain call

he has decided NOT to play in the band during high school.
I'm hoping that after a year off he will go back to it, only time will tell.

class room fun!

A snow cone break for Hannah's class during field day

my baby

me and my girl on Market Day

she decorated each cookie all by hand by herself

Alex's community during field day

this was as close as I could get without him noticing me taking a picture on my phone.
He did spot me trying to find him when I walked in the gym and he stood up and waved at me. My heart melted when I saw the smile he gave me. That was my stay at home mom raise for the year. A 14 year old actually happy to see his mom :)

What would the last weeks of school be without field days, band concerts, market day, muffins for mom, sundae parties for no good reason, multiply trips to the grocery for last minute donations and lots and lots of checks being written for gifts, parties and whatever else they need from me. Gotta love it! We just finished up with the last field day events today, next week will be the parties. T minus 5 days and counting friends.......

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Kristin said...

And now at minus 3! I am a bit behind. =)

Looks like the end of your year has been great!! I hope to see you sometime next fall at KSU!