Monday, May 10, 2010


me and my boy ( that fake smile didn't last very long)
Alex made a new friend
our group

there's a real smile

there's always a Coke moment!

Alex and his bud Andrew (the 2 goof balls)
right before their band performance

Gina and I (the two best looking chaperone's in Disney :)

I love this spot in Epcot

Gina and I and our boys

Gina and I with our girls

Mickey Mouse of course!

our band and chorus teachers excepting an award

Alex has been a busy young man in the past few weeks. Besides for all the regular everyday stuff ( school, track practice, band practice, growing 4 inches in 6 weeks). He has also been a traveling man and Brian and I were crazy enough lucky enough to get picked to chaperon. Alex and I spent 4 days at Disney World for his band's competition. I had another chaperon that I roomed with and between us we had 15 kids. It was a little tricky keeping everyone in one group and also keeping the peace between the different groups, but it all worked out and I got to meet and befriend some great kids. Oh yeah and I also got some one on one time with my boy.

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