Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the pink kind please!

My second semester of college is a wrap. 3 A's, compass math test passed, and I'm off! The last month of school got a little crazy. Finishing projects,dreaded group projects, studying for finals, preparing for my Disney duties and keeping life at Casa Johnson's running smoothly took a lot of patience and a few Peroni's, but we made it through. The kids are in the home stretch of their school year and life is about to get all "old time lemonade" around here. Lazy days, mixed in with a little swim and track practice, Chick fil a lunches and afternoon peanut snacking at Ms. Lena's pool. During the summer our family gets to strip it all down to the simplest of things. 

I always give myself projects to do, sometimes they get done, but most of the time not. Keeping 3 kids (and their friends) happy, fed, alive and not have their brains rot from video games and T.V. should be a big enough project. I do enjoy a good challenge every now and again.

I have two books that I need to read for next year's classes and 27 tubes of bubbles that I plan on blowing with my daughter. The boys will each remind me (daily) of how much the other one gets on their nerves, and I will ignore them just like any good mother of 3 does.

The kids and I will do a Louisiana trip and then we will all do a beach trip with my family, after that it will be alarm clocks, back packs and a high school er (deep breath in). In 4 more summers I will be packing up my first born to start his college career. Maybe that's why this summer I don't want to rush anything, don't want a project, I just want to enjoy the long lazy days with my kids. We get to re energizes, drive each other crazy and then start over again. That sounds like the best summer job to me :)

Happy Summer!!

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