Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Yours?

My husband and I like to play the game, "one day when we" about things in the future. Retirement plans, rainy day wishes, pipe dreams, anything that makes us sit back and go HMMMM and then we give each other a little nod and the look of, "well maybe one day."

One day maybe I'll get up enough nerve to put together some kind of a book, one day he would like to take an early retirement to stay home and teach his grandchildren how to fish, one day the two of us together would like to open a family run business where we teach the love of snow balls and beignets to the lovely state of Georgia, one day we would like to buy a lake house and have the time to ACTUALLY use it and not just drive by it going to another activity. I want to go to Italy and cook, he wants to go to some remote  island and fish, as you can see we're TOTALLY on the same page with our ideas!

 None of these ideas are totally far fetched but all are just that far enough from the fingertips at this point in life to make you really want them, crave them even. Traveling with our kids is what we want to do right now. When they were little we had enough money to barely pay our bills and that was it, now we want to experience things with them. I would love nothing more in life than to be sitting in Venice at a table for 5 waiting for my bruschetta to be served, and who would help back up Brian's story when the "big one" gets away while he is fishing on his island if Alex and Jakob aren't there?
We probably won't ever be business owners and I'll probably never be on Oprah's book club list, but we will always be parents who love to make memories one pipe dream at a time.....

So what's yours????

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