Tuesday, June 22, 2010

finding your happy place

These are my front and back porches, aka mommas happy places. When we bought this house I looked past the blue and pink curtains, the painted over wall paper, and the badly needing of a DEEP cleaning. I saw the potential. I saw the bones of a house that  needed someone to come in and love it. And I also fell in love with the porches. Most days I spend more time sitting in one of my rocking or reclining chairs outside than I do sitting inside. My morning coffee always taste better outside and my afternoon snacks wouldn't be as good any where else in the house. I've had memorable conversations with family members when they're visiting, long winded talks with girlfriends,cocktails, tears and lots and lots of GOOD meals on these porches.
All of these things could of happened anywhere in the house but probably wouldn't of been as meaningful. Southern girl loving life watching the world go by while sipping sweet tea on her porch.
 And frankly my dear I don't give a damn!!

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