Monday, June 21, 2010

Red light, yellow light, green light.....NO!!!

How does one (of the auburn hair color with gray stripes every 6 weeks) mentally prepare for the growing of her offspring? I remember when I first had my children, I was told almost every other day by a family member, friend or stranger in the Winn Dixie, that it wouldn't always be this way. One day that little boy, and then those little boy's and then those 2 boys and that cherub faced little girl were going to grow.
It all sounded like BLAH BLAH BLAH to me back then, and yet lately I catch myself watching my children transform in front of my eyes; all they seem to do is grow and eat and argue about who ate the last Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, and grow some more.

Every parent has joked at one time or another about being giving children without manuals. We all at one point have felt liked we've jumped into the deep end without our floaties, flippers, goggles and ear plugs. For some people it's a feeling that they never shake, for others it comes and goes. The first time I dropped my son off at the movies to meet friends, I drove to the back of the parking lot and started to laugh so hard that I began to cry. I wasn't nervous or sad or intoxicated, I was just so full of emotion that I needed to let it out. Each time after that first time it has surprisingly gotten a lot easier. I'm assuming (and praying) that just like that first outing without adult supervision every other "first time" will get easier.

Have I mentioned that in 6 short months my oldest child COULD possibly get a driver's permit?

Some "people" that I know joke about needing to be medicated, some joke about investing in Jimmy Buffet stock since their frozen drink tolerance will be tested and some poor poor souls I know have started to dabble into the mean unforgiving thighs streets of brownie bottom cheesecake.

As a mother of 3 growing children I haven't figured out which category I'm going to fall into. So far I'm good, a little more freedom for the kids means a little more freedom for mom. But you know if you by chance happen to see a lady who looks like see missed her appointment with Lo real Nice -n- Easy laughing uncontrollably with chocolate flavored cream cheese on her face, please don't stare and point, she is probably just driving around looking for the nearest pills, drinks, cheesecake and place to park.

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Kristin said...

Aww, it will be okay, I promise! The first one is the hardest. I totally admit to that. But it will get easier as these milestones are met. Seriously!