Saturday, June 19, 2010

a few of my favorite summertime treats!

afternoon painting projects that
turn into office wall masterpieces
my daughters mouth being dyed blueish purplish since
Monday May 31st the first official day of summer.
Between popsicles and Powerade and 42 more days of summer,
I'm pretty sure she is stained until the fall. homemade telescopes that "really work mom!!"

afternoon lunch dates on the back porch
that don't start with, "mom do I have too?"

afternoon lunch dates that end with the 3 of them
still on the back porch because they want to be.

and of course last but not least
rescuing turtles on the side of the road at 7 AM.
Would you expect anything less from the Johnson's :)


Kristin said...

A fun way to spend the summer!! Enjoy each day. =)

I'm just me... said...

Looks like a fun summer so far!

The last turtle Tink and I attempted to rescue ended up being a snapping turtle and the darned thing was intent on taking off one of my fingers. He ended up being left beside the road.