Monday, July 12, 2010

and he's off!

the roomies
the boy

Operation drop off little grasshopper went off without a hitch. Well without a hitch probably aren't the best words to use (if you know US then you know the Johnson's ALWAYS have a hitch). But none the less it went very well. Jakob and Hannah got to spend the day and night with their maw maw and paw paw and Brian and I got to focus on the task at hand. Alex and his room mate unpacked immediately and made themselves at home. We made our way out pretty quickly; Alex giving me the secret hand shake of "I'm needing you to go before this gets ugly". And so Brian and I made our way out, joking with each other about the day we have the real drop off for college. I reminded him that I needed one milestone at a time please, and that I also needed an Outback fix. Steak, bread and beer makes it all better :)

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Dee said...

LOL!! He'll have so much fun!