Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things I know....

  • My thighs look better when they have been shaked and baked in the glorious sun for a few days.
  • I love the smell and sound of rain as it falls.
  • Garlic and onions cooking on my stove is an aphrodisiac for me.
  • I thrive on stability.
  • My faults and hiccups make me strive each day to better myself.
  • I crave noise, whether it's the outside critters serenading me sleep or my coffee pot singing me a rise and shine tune.
  • The very first time I soothed my crying baby by just my voice and a touch of my hand, I knew what career opportunities lied ahead of me.
  • I am very proud of WHO and WHERE I come from. As different and crazy as we all are, it just makes us the family that we are today.
  • Taking someones hurt away doesn't always relieve their pain.
  • Potato chips and sweet tea IMMEDIATELY bring me to my happy place.
  • The difference between being 20 something and being 30 something is, wrinkles, patience, cellulite and KY.
  • Keeping your mind open to new ideas but still holding true to yourself and your beliefs is something that I hope each of my children digest and never let go of.
  • Once you have your first hit of living life to it's fullest each day, laughing so hard that it hurts and loving unconditionally without strings or untruths, you will continue to chase that high the rest of your life. Sorry Mrs. Reagan but some addictions really are good.
  • Taking flight happens for each person at different times; it can't be super glued on (I've tried :). But when it happens and it's genuine, it is one of the most beautiful things to watch.
  • I have so much more to learn and except the task whole heartedly. I'm ready coach!!

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Kristin said...

Love this list!! Awesome! Wish my thighs looked better with shake and bake...I don't tan!

Hope to see you sometime this year when I make a trip to KSU. I know I will be there the 13th but that is before you officially start. But have to move Katie in that day. Maybe another time during the year!