Friday, September 10, 2010

hitting the right button

Some times just doing it and not talking about it is really hard.
And some times it's the best flipping thing in the world.
 My girlfriend Lena and I have been talking about taking a trip
to New Orleans for ohhhh about two years.
The logistics were never going to work out.
So we decided to do what any responsible mother
(who needed to get the heck out of dodge would do)..... 

we left everything and
took a much needed pause
(and a few much needed daiquiris and
po boys and beignets :)
y'all know how we do it!

Lena's face says to me,
"what in the hell did this woman talk me into"?! 

what our painting is suppost to look like.

our supplies
 (yes Amstel Light is a supply thank you very much)
my finished product
all of our finished products. Not to bad!

This picture signifies my two worlds coming together and is now happily framed and collecting dust in my family room. These two ladies (my Louisiana girl and my Georgia girl)
 have both been my rocks when I needed them the most.
They both mean totally different things to me but are both equally part of why I am who I am today.

And what I was on this day was paused and it felt oh so good, if for only a little while :)

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