Monday, November 22, 2010

my wish

When my kids look back on me after I'm gone, I often wonder what will they remember....

~Will my daughter remember me torturing her, armed with a brush and an ALWAYS too tight pony tail holder?~

~Will Alex remember me saying to him 10,232 times to pick up his wet towels off the floor?~

~Will Jakob's memory bank be filled with me reminding him that he is two seconds away from wishing he didn't try and get the last word in AGAIN?~

~Will they all remember the way that one time the 5 of us laughed so hard at this older man's ring tone on his phone, while we rode the Metro in DC, that we nearly peed in our pants with tears running down our faces?~

~Will they remember me asking them every morning of their lives "did you have a good sleep"?~

~Will they remember the way my perfume smelled or the way my earrings almost always hung lower than my hair?~

~Will they remember my short temper and my even shorter tolerance of disrespect?~

~Will they remember that I always tried to be the best that I could be (sometimes failing miserably)?~

~Will they remember my big orange pot that cooked up a whole bunch of heaven?~

~Will they remember the way their heads (whether big or small) always fit perfectly in the arch of my shoulder?~

~Will they remember that I was their biggest cheerleader and their toughest critic?~

~Will they remember that I was their momma and they were my world?~

Lord, I hope so......

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