Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Riding shotgun

My oldest offspring is in preparation mode to acquire a piece of paper that is as sacred as his first game winning ball and as exhilarating as the first time he got the mail when the Victoria Secret catalog arrived, that golden ticket would be, DUN DUN DUN DUN.....his driving permit.

Alex has been "practing" his driving skills with Brian for the past few months now. Now that statement right there actually cracks me up for a number of reasons. The first one being, my husband, god love him, isn't known for being the best driver :) And the second being that it's my kid we're talking about behind the wheel of a car and if I don't laugh out loud, I will probably break out into an ugly cry! His birthday was this past weekend where we celebrated with his friends and had a really nice time. I asked him the day before to PLEASE not bring up the P word on his birthday. To respect his old mothers wishes and give me some time to swallow up my memories of him as a baby. He did as I asked, he waited until midnight that night and then asked :)

During the Christmas break some time I will bring myself, the boy, my happy pills w/ 1 refill and my kleenex over to the DMV. I will wait in line with him and show all the proper documentation that he needs. An as this is going on I'm sure I will be playing a slide show in my head, of how we got to this day.
Colic, kindergarten, wiggling teeth, skinned knees, pubic hair, high school and now driving......
Lord, what's next?

1 refill!
That's SO not gonna be enough!

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The Campbells said...

I got some happy pills if you need them!