Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another one bites the dust

As we were driving home from our latest road trip this weekend, Brian and I were talking about the amount of miles we've put on our family vehicle aka "the beast" since September. Between the road trips, cross country meets and every day life we've have put more than a few thousand  miles on it just since September. Some were painful, some more pleasant than others but ALL were full of memories that the five of us won't forget anytime soon....

                                           riding the Metro in DC

                                                                       looking for Obama

we enjoyed beautiful National Harbor,Maryland

We said goodbye to an Atlanta icon

we've cheered and screamed and watched the boys understand what it means to work hard and to achieve a goal inside yourself that no one can ever take away

we've partied like rock stars, okay maybe not REAL rock stars but as G-rated ones anyway :)

we loved Maryland so much the first time we decided to go back again
(it was also because my boys placed in the USATF regional cross country
meet but we decided to add an extra day of fun to it)

           we've had lots of smiles along the way

we've also had some not so smiley moments.

We're preparing for Christmas and to ring in the New Year.
If our 2011 is half as exciting as our 2010 has been,
I'm going to have to start playing the lottery. Because we're one lucky family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Johnson's

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Kristin said...

Looks like one awesome fall!!! And I love the family picture. =)