Thursday, December 23, 2010

early morning monkey business

On Christmas morning we always cook the same big breakfast; eggs, bacon, biscuits, throw in some fresh fruit and we're done. I was thinking of trying something new this year. Hannah and I have been going through some different recipes and we've decided on Monkey Bread. Of course being from the land of beignets, we will be sprinkling ours with powered sugar.

My daughter has a sweet tooth that is as big if not bigger than Texas. She is all about the icing, powered sugar and sprinkles on her food.

Me, I'm more of a comfort food gal. If you invite me over for dinner and serve me anything that has been simmering in a pot for a few hours, that you put over either rice or pasta with a side of either french or Italian bread, host or hostess beware, because there's a good chance I will open mouth kiss ya :)

This monkey bread thing sounds like it will satisfy the sugar junkie and the carb junkie.

I'll keep you all posted......

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The Campbells said...

Talk to Stacy R. she had a great recipe for our bus stop breakfast. Me I get the boxed kind from Walmart ;)