Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Laptops, cameras, fancy Xbox headphones and karaoke machines OH MY! There was not one item that had "some assembly required". There were no baby dolls that sound like Chuckie when they talk or leak any kind of bodily fluids on you. There wasn't even a pack of Yu Gi Oh cards that I need to sneak out of someone else's shopping cart when they weren't looking, not that I've ever done that before :)

It was a high tech, hp, 2GB, play that funky music white girl kind of Christmas this year. And that's okay. It fits us this year. We've had more video game battles and computer sharing issues than I care to count this year. But I know that all comes with the territory of their ages.
They're another year older, another year closer to more independence. As are Brian and I.

And I think we all like it here.

Yep, I would say it suits us all just fine :)

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