Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my own paradise

For some reason my imagination takes me away in the summer time.
I start to think, could we really move to a beach/ocean front area? Where my kids go to school shirtless with sand between their toes; surf during lunch and say things like hang ten and dude?
Could my hubby and I set up a little tiki stand and sell smoothies and sophisticated frozen beverages to the locals and have cool names like Leilani [lay lah nee] and Mano [mah no]? Could I trade in Ann Taylor Loft for a swim shop and walk around in a bikini and not worry about cellulite and stretch marks everyday?

I think I enjoy the laid back aspect of summer more than I realize. We all have activities going on all through the summer (boot camp, track practice, swim team practice). Sleeping late means 6:30 in our house and our days are full; but there is no homework, no last minute supplies needed, and dinner at 9 o'clock with a side of watermelon is fully acceptable.

More than anything I like that I get to enjoy the longer days with my kids. By the end of some days I'm ready to strangle all 3 of them but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Could I trade in suburbia for paradise? Nah, I'm a city girl through and through, but a little day dream never hurt anybody. Or an afternoon cocktail for that matter, excuse me while I enjoy my summer :)

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