Friday, June 24, 2011

Run Heidi Run!!

Back in February when our frozen tundra was finally lifting and I was coming out of my gumbo, chili, and potato soup coma I decided that this year....2011.... was going to be the year that I get into shape.

Like real shape.

Like when I blow dry my hair my arm flags don't slap me in the cheeks and my behind gets back to it's natural resting place, you know off the backs of my legs.

I've always enjoyed walking and can walk for miles. The problem is walking doesn't really do for me what I need to be done. Another problem is I don't like sweat or sore muscles or pushing myself hard or at all for that matter.
So what does a person that doesn't like any of those things decide she is going to do?

She decides to become a runner....

Your laughing with me, RIGHT??

This is (as is most things) all my husbands fault. The man is one of those effortless looking runners. Only I know it's not effortless. I know the pain he is in, the ice bathes he soaks in, the blisters he shaves off his feet, the leg spasm isms he has, but still while he is running, he is smooth, and graceful and he makes me want to punch him in the face. He pushes through everything and always keeps on going.

I've tried for years to run. My knees hurt, my back hurts, my ear lobes hurt, you name it and it hurt.
Never once did I think, well, it is RUNNING and it ain't suppose to not hurt!!

But for some reason I decided this year was going to be different. No matter what body part hurt, I was going to keep trying.

And I have....
And I'm doing better.

It's not pretty at all, but I'm not quitting. The first week in June I started doing a boot camp, three times a week and that has motivated me even more. The first week was rough but I feel better and stronger at the end of each week. And not only better and stronger in my body but in my mind. I'm pushing myself harder than I ever have, lord help me I'm sweating like a whore in church on a regular basis. I have 3 running days a week, and I'm learning that my progress is only going to go as far as I allow it.
I really am the captain of my own ship Mr. Morgan Freeman!!

I told my girlfriend the other morning (the same girlfriend that I talked into doing the butt crack of dawn boot camp with me :) I don't know what's going to kill me first, being a 35 year old college student or trying to be a runner. But just like my first semester at school, yes it was hard, yes it sucked some times. But it was all worth it when I registered for my next semester of school. And not for any other reason other than I accomplished it. I know it's silly, but silly seems to be my new middle name.

Oh and did I mention I signed up to do a half marathon in November?? There was no alcohol involved when making the decision and I'm actually really excited about it. Probably more excited about my 13.1 magnet that I can't wait to sport on my car :)
I'm up to 3-4 miles straight, at an eleven minute pace, like with no oxygen masks or ambulances involved!
I know I have a long way to go but I'm ready, well at least I think I'm ready.

I'll keep you posted.........


Kristin said...

That is awesome, Heidi!! I meant to get in shape this year but haven't done much toward it. My knees and feet are so bad that running would be awful. Plus, I hate to sweat too. =)

Which half-marathon are you doing? Dave has done many.....but not in two years now. He had a knee issue which kept him from training.

Oh, and he has the 13.1 magnet on his car as well as....will run for beer!

C. Beth said...

So exciting!! I started running a litte over a year and a half ago. I'm actually in a walking phase right now, getting over an injury, but...I fell in love with running, after thinking I'd NEVER want to be a runner! It can be very addictive! I've done 2 half fun. God bless you as you RUN forward!

C. Beth said...

P.S. (I clicked on your blog from my blog...we're in the same BlogHer ads group, so this post was linked in my sidebar. :)

Heatherbell said...

you are awesome!! and once again made me laugh out loud while reading your post!