Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is that like a chat room??

Yesterday at work after we did carpool in the lovely rain, we were all talking about different things and I mention something that I had seen on a blog recently. A few of the girls look at me with eyes like I was crazy!

Heidi what's a Blog??

One girl said, oh is that like one of those websites that you can vent about your husband and stuff like that?

Another one said is that like a CHAT ROOM?!

UUUMMMM I don't know I've never been in a chat room before (well maybe the one time when I was trying to get through the Michael Phelps withdrawals :):):)

No girls, its your own personal blog. You can blog (like writing in a journal) about anything you want to. Some people use them for their business, or for the families to keep up with their kids, some people use them just to keep their thoughts straight and to at least have some pictures somewhere of their children because SHE might be a little to lazy to put pictures in a book....that would be me :):)

If I had to describe a BLOG in one word, it would be THERAPY!

I remember Emily Lipani (one of my blogging buddies) telling me about starting a blog and I thought, ME and COMPUTERS not really a good mix! I looked into it and thought, well I will give it a try! When I started this blogging thing in November 2005, I was only doing it, so that my Louisiana people could see what was going on in our lives. My kids are cute and AWESOME, who wouldn't want to know what was going on with them!(The Johnson children will have no problem with their own image :):):):)
I didn't post very often and it was mostly just pictures of the kids.
In the last year or so I have found that I enjoy sharing our stories with all of you guys. As do I enjoying reading all of you all's stories....

I've learned things about my transplanted Louisiana family(my blogging buddies) through the blogs, I've shared heart break and pain with complete strangers through this crazy blog thing.
As a mother I have loved sharing our GOOD times and our NOT SO GOOD times.
I have gotten some really nice emails from friends and a few from people that I don't know, saying how certain stories they have read on here has made them laugh or just brighten their day.
A few people have shared that there, so happy to hear my crazy and sometimes overly protective thoughts about my children, they thought they were the only ones that felt that way!! CRAZY MOTHERS UNITE!!

My daddy still thinks I'm crazy for posting some of the things that I do......I've never claimed to not be crazy :):):)

As long as I have a story to post, I will.
Sometimes there not very interesting for you guys but they just feel good to get out.
I looked back through my DRAFTS and I have 32 items that I haven't posted, some of them are just pure evil that has come out of my mind, some of them just little things that I don't want to EVER forget.
This truly has become an open diary for me, well as open as I want it to be!

I hope you guys keep on sharing, as will I.....

SERIOUSLY who doesn't like FREE therapy!!



I say an AMEN to that sister! I'm truly addicted to blogging. Hey hope you are feeling better soon!


I say an AMEN to that sister! I'm truly addicted to blogging. Hey hope you are feeling better soon!