Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do You Believe!

Out of the thousands upon thousands and I do mean MILLIONS of questions my children have asked through the years, the one that I always dread more than anything is the......so momma, do you believe in Santa?
It always seems to come right about this time every year.
You know right when your still sweating and wearing flip flops and shorts but the stores have all ready started getting ready for "The holidays".
Alex has been a believer in the "spirit of Santa Claus" for 2 years now, one day he came home and told me "mom, we need to talk and you might want to sit down".... and there my son told me about THINGS he had seen me doing on certain days when a certain tooth fairy was suppose to be visiting. And with that he said " I guess Santa is you too?" My only response to him was, son what do you want to believe. Because momma believes in the spirit of Santa, that's how we keep it alive. No, I have never seen Santa but I've also never seen Jesus, Mary or Joseph. But I know that I'm not questioning that, NO SIR, NOT ME!!
We don't always have to see things to make them real, as long as we feel it in our hearts that's all that matters! And with that, Alex and I have never talked about it again. He is a believer as am I. ( Now the question of mom, I think I like this girl at school, yeah that one right there, almost killed me!!)

The believe conversation was brought up by Jakob today.....(not in front of Hannah)
He told me that some kids at school were talking about their moms being Santa and how its STUPID to believe in him!
So I asked him what did he think about what they said. He said he told them that he believes because its fun to believe and that he didn't really care what they thought (have I told you all lately how awesome my children's brains are??)
And of course, the next thing out of his mouth, with his beautiful green eyes looking right into mine......momma you believe right? (without skipping a beat) Yes baby I do, just like I believe in Jesus, Mary and Joseph (at some point I know I'm going to need to go to confession for using Jesus, Mary and Joseph as pawns in my parenting skills but if it works then don't fix it, RIGHT!)

I know that Jakob in the next year or two, will join Alex in the "spirit of Santa" believer's club. And that's fine, I just don't want him to not believe because someone else said not too.....You know what I mean??

I will do all these same things when Hannah starts to ask questions, I know that the boys will back me up and keep the spirit alive.....

Were big believers in this house, I've been telling all 3 of them they can do anything they want to and I do mean anything as long as they just believe in it......hmmm, maybe I should take my own advice :):):):):)

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