Friday, September 5, 2008

All about the O or the pot, you decide!!

Ever since Brian and I came back from Miami, I have been fighting to rid myself of the funk in my head!! I have been on 2 different antibiotics for 2 different Sinus infections. Some days I swear if you stuck me with a pin some type of mucus SINUS INFECTION would shoot out at you and man you better take cover, cause it ain't going to be pretty.

I'm going to go back today to the doctor and hopefully they can try something else on me.

In the mean time, while my parents were here, my momma told me to get a Neti Pot. (My neighbor Ms. Carol has also been telling me this for awhile). The idea of purposely pouring salty water into my nose, and trying to flush out my sinuses, didn't sound like a good time to me.....

It was featured on Oprah ( not this one in the picture but its the same concept) and of course if Oprah is doing it, its got to be good!!

I have done it for the last 2 nights. It is really weird and freakishly cool all at the same time. I can't really explain what you do, it's really one of those things that you just have to do yourself. I can tell you it doesn't burn and you don't feel like your drowning (these are all the thoughts I had in mind). I do feel clearer after. But right now with all the STUFF in my head it doesn't last for long. After I get my disease (that I'm sure I'm dying from, with the amount of mucus that is leaving my body) under control, I'm hoping that continuing to use this little POT will rid me of future FUNKINESS!!

We will see, I will keep you posted!

But seriously, isn't it really all about OPRAH!!

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