Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye!!

My family is leaving tomorrow.....
As nice as it is to get back to normal, I truly am sad that there leaving. Their electricity is back on as of this afternoon, so thank the lord for that. There is nothing worse than sitting in Southeast Louisiana with the mosquito's with no AC.
Oh my, that's enough to make anyone go crazy!!
But as much as this has been a crazy week and stressful for my parents. I have LOVED having them with us.
I'm so thankful they didn't have to stay in a hotel!!

These are a few of the things that have made this week nice and hopefully easier for my family.

My parents got to go and have lunch with Hannah and Jakob for grandparents week, Brian's parents went today. So my kids were THRILLED this week!

Nice heart to heart talks with my momma and daddy.
Lately when we are all together, we seem to have these. And I LOVE IT, I like for them to know how much I love them. And whatever there proud of me for, I thank them for the strong woman that I have become.

Watching Hannah light up when my brother Erik is playing with her. One afternoon I took the kids to the pool, the last ones in the pool were those's 2. And she would of stayed with him all night if I would of let her. (Don't worry Billy she still loves her BeBe)

One of the best things is just being all together. For everything. Dinners, grocery shopping, getting the kids off the bus, Alex and Patrick making each other laugh like only those 2 can.

I know that we all have to get back to our lives and that it wouldn't be all sweet and rosey forever. 
One good thing I can tell you about all of this hurricane CRAP is.....our family has proven to ourselves time and time again how strong we all are when we work together. Throwing families together at very stressful times is not an easy task. In three years now we have done it a few times, last time it was for almost a month. In that time my kids and my brothers have shared memories that they will never forget, you all know that I'm all about makin memories!!

And just being with my people....

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