Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Plain OLE Thankful!!

Can I just tell you all how VERY HAPPY I am that this storm turned just ever so slightly to the west....that's how crazy hurricanes are. Up until the very last minute, you think oh man please don't let this happen. And literally your watching the radar's from a blackberry, a local Louisiana station (Bob Breck is the man!) on mommas lap top and the Weather Station all at the same time and all 4 of us are going it turning!! Do you see that it's turning.....MY GOD IT IS TURNING!!!

Like everyone had to say it, before we all believed it.

We have extended family in Houma, Louisiana where most of the damage took place. So we feel for them.

My parents know that they don't have power right now, hopefully it will be restored in the next day or two. I think they will leave on Wednesday to go back home. My daddy is itching to see his house. I can't blame him, I would be the same way.

I wish they would stay longer but I know they have to get back and start the clean up......

Watching my parents sit on my sofa and watch the computer models to see if they have a house to go back to, just hurts my heart beyond belief.....this storm's original path was suppose to bring a 12-16 foot tidal surge to my parents area. There would of been nothing to go back to, if that would of happened!

Since Katrina has happened so much has taken place with Brian and I's families. Brian lost both of his grandmothers, his parents made a huge decision and moved here to Georgia, I have lost my grandfather and I feel like I can see my parents aging (my parents read this blog, so that is kind of hard to say). Maybe I see it now because for the first time in my life I don't live close to them and I TREASURE every time I see them.

That storm (Katrina) took a lot out of my parents. Hell, it took a lot out of everyone. But I think it took their fight out of them.

They have wanted to move for sometime but the opportunity has never presented itself before. I still have 2 brothers in school. So their decision isn't just there's. They are talking about it again. It's a HARD decision to make, to leave everything that you know.

I know I did it and it was like riding a new roller coaster. Your excited and nervous all at the same time. And after you do it, you either really like it or really hate it.

It just depends on where you are in life and what you need to make you happy, I happen to love it.

Brian being in a place at work that he has worked very hard for and me really only wanting to be in a good place for my kids, make it easy for me. I think they (my parents) also would love it somewhere else. I would love for my parents to JUST FOR ONCE do something for themselves. Moving will be hard for my brothers but I can promise in the long run they will be so glad they did it.....

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and whatever is suppose to happen will happen.
With that being said, I also think that sometimes we all need a little push, a dare if you will.....
Go ahead Darlene and William I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!! :):):):) OH YES I DID!!

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