Friday, September 5, 2008

Football take 1 !!

Saturday was Jakob's 1st football game. He had a jamboree 2 weeks ago and I think he worked out all of his nervousness then, me on the other hand...not so much!
The very 1st play Jakob was KNOCKED to the ground, I swear to you my heart stopped and I felt about 100 more gray hairs pop up...
He got up like nothing and in the next play he took down that same kid. Oh my boy!
His team won 18 - 6 and the boys through out the game were cheering for each other and really showing a team spirit, that's really what all of this is about for me.
Beyond the crazy amounts of money we pay, the hours of driving and the years off of my life watching my babies get hurt and hurting someone else.
I love to know that my kids are active, are learning team work and getting to know their selves and to be proud of what they can do.....
Now if I can just get the fear of Jakob dislocating his spine from his brain and Alex and Hannah ingesting so much salt water from the pool that their going to blow up, then I will be OK.
Really this is the way I think, BELIEVE ME I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS STUFF UP!!

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You crack me up! Jackob looks so cute in his football gear.