Friday, September 5, 2008

Lamborghini anyone?

After Jakob's game on Saturday we went to Chili's, while we were eating this truck pulled up and it had a trailer hooked on it with a LAMBORGHINI! I'm really didn't care, Alex told me when I posted this to stress LAMBORGHINI so I am....
My boys love these cars. When they see one on the streets or on T.V. they go a little crazy.
When we were leaving the car was still in the parking lot. The boys went to go stand by it for me to take their picture and the guy that was hauling it came out and asked the boys if they wanted to sit in it.....DUH!
I think that, that will go down as the COOLEST thing that has ever happened to the Johnson boys!
In case you were wondering it costs 380,000 and the owner was trading it in for a green one, this car was only 6 months old and he was already tired of it.....sometimes I don't understand people with a lot of money.
And that's OK, I'm not a LAMBO girl anyway!!