Thursday, February 5, 2009

33 of 365 memories....are you staring at my backside?!

Before we left last week I made a few of my kids favorite meals. I've already shared the this one with you all but this time I added a few more things to it!

Most of you have probably have already seen the first recipe that I published about these chickens. Since I started making them we have never bought another rotisserie chicken from the store again. Why waste my money on some chickens pumped full of hormones and god knows what else. When I can buy my on Organic (Publix's version is the Greenwise) chickens and know that my family is eating the best that I can give them.
(I'm trying to get a few tips about Organic and all natural together things together to share.)

I have been experimenting with the chickens every time I cook them. I have added oranges, limes, lemons and red and yellow peppers to them. And let me just say.....YUMMY!!

With the oranges, limes and lemons I squeezed them over the chickens and then stuff the skins of the fruits in the chickens cavity with the onions. The last time I made them I put red and yellow peppers in them also. After I took the picture I decided to chop up some of the peppers and put them under the skin of each bird. They had a hint of the flavor. I will definitely make them like this from now on.

I hope you all will be able to try these recipe. It has become one of our weekly dinners now. And it really is nice because I can use the leftovers from it for either chicken tacos or chicken salad during the week!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome! I'm adding peppers to the list, now!

I make the spice ahead in little sandwich bags (put them in drinking glasses and then assembly line dump the spices in). Make about 10 at a time. Speeds up the process for me, incredibly.

You are a very creative cook. Off to look at your balls (meat, that is).

Denise said...

This looks really good. I think I'm going to have to try it!