Thursday, February 5, 2009

the short version....

Every trip we make to Louisiana is an emotional roller coaster for me. I know your saying GEEZ woman its been 3 years since you've been gone, GET OVER IT ALREADY!!
I don't think I will ever get over the feeling in my stomach I get every time I hug my daddy good bye. I try so hard to fight back my tears that I end up with a head ache. At some point along the road back home to Georgia (Georgia is my home and I love it) I start to get a little emotional. It used to start right when I would leave my parents drive way. Every time we leave the tears take longer to come. This time my ugly cry didn't start until Alabama. It goes, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia.
Here is the short version of our trip!!
The start of a beautiful trip
Alex, Hannah and Cooper (Hannah's nanny Kerri's, new baby boy)
The Babin family
Is there anything sweeter than holding a new born baby??
It is blurry because that's how fast he inhaled his stuffed crab!!
me and my girl Stacey!
Hannah and her buddy Belle
Jakob and his nanny
David (Brian's brother) and my hubby, showing the GUNS!!
paw paw's boy!
Alex, Cody, and my brother Erik
the birthday boy was all giggles
me and my sister in law Janelle
this is how we do it!
my momma, my daddy and me
OH MY WORD, he gets me teary eyed!!
The other Leibfritz family
me and my hubby
WHO'S THAT GIRL? She made it across the lake!! (inside joke y'all, sorry!)
my boy was a good sport!! Just wait Billy your turn is a coming :)
don't you just want to eat him with a spoon??
I'm so happy for my little brother!Yes I know he is not so little anymore but he is still MY little brother!
Hannah loves uncle Billy!
THE END!! Well at least for now :)



Looks like a great time back Home!

What a great name Cooper! :)

Ohh and the food looks so yummy. I need to try me some cajun cuisine!

Elizabeth said...


I remember that feeling very well. I did the same thing when my parents would visit me. Something about your daddy's hug that can get to ya! Hang in there. I hope that you are all hooked up with technology--cell phones with lots of minutes, web cams, instant messaging, and email. That must make it a heck of a lot easier.

Love the pictures.