Wednesday, April 8, 2009

last day, CMA's baby!

Sunday the weather in Vegas had finally warmed up enough for us to go out by the pool. And it ended up being just PERFECT!! We all had had an actioned packed evening the night before and knew we had another doozie of a night still to come. The CMA's BABY!!

I caught this shot of my hubby talking to our babies on the phone. Sometimes my phone on my camera does pretty well or maybe its just because he is so darn cute. I know, GAG all you want, but I LIKE my husband, especially when were out of town :)

Angela, me, Jen and Mindy

pool time!! It was so relaxing and beautiful!

My camera was confiscated at the security check point. No I didn't hurt anyone, believe me I thought about it. I could of taken the security guards out, they were no where as intimidating as the shoulder pads guys at the Beatles show. But then who would raise my babies while there momma is in the slammer??

Anyway, I snapped this with my phone. The show was AWESOME. Brian and I are HUGE country music fans. And we both had a few performances that we couldn't wait to see. Our favorite hands down, was Jamie Johnson, "you should of seen it in color". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

Oh yeah and my hubby does to.

We are a proud picture family. I try without spoiling the moment and get everything on print. I know how precious our days are together and with pictures we will NEVER forget these moments.

This song was a tear jerkier for us, there are references to the olden days, that makes us think about Brian's memaw and just hits on our emotions every time we here it. That's what songs are suppose to do. They mean something different to everyone. It just depends on how you interpret the meaning.

After the big show we were invited to a post show party and let me just tell you, OH MY WORD!!

The singers that came and performed, they blew us away.

we got to walk down a pink carpet, very cute!

members of West Point Glee Club that sang with Trace Atkins

yes ma'am that's Kenny Chesney!

just in case you didn't see him the first time :)

There is a funny story that goes with this picture. Saturday night Brian and I's hotel card didn't work, so we had to go down to the lobby and get another one. This was at midnight. As we were walking towards the elevator , this man in the picture above walks down the hall with us and gets in the elevator. He didn't have on sunglasses or a bandanna. He looked like he was, well homeless. Anyway we get off the elevator and people surround him for his picture and autograph. We were just a little puzzled as to who the homeless man could be. Well the next night at the awards show and then again at the after party the Oakridge Boys were honored. He is one of them! We were in the elevator with a living legend and didn't even know. Oh well what'cha gonna do??

Emerson Drive

Lady Antebellum

The Johnson's, no autographs please!

John Rich, from Big and Rich

I swear the paparazzi is everywhere

Jason Aldean

Mindy, me and Jen


Trace Adkins with one of the glee club members and one Veteran

John Rich was just a little bit tore up on the Crown Royal!!

Angela, me and Mindy

Jamie Johnson

Zac Brown Band (Alex's favorite band)

and did I mention, CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!

2 VERY happy and VERY thankful people!!
heading home to see our babies!


Lindsey's mom said...

Ok I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous too!

(Hey, we've got one of those West Point uniforms down in the basement--I can't believe how young those guys look. D was NEVER that young. And never in the Glee Club-haha! He played hockey, grunt grunt.)

Thanks for letting us go along with you! This is so much fun.

I'm just me... said...

I am sooo jealous!!! I looks like you all had a great time!

So, where do you sign up for the awesome work perks??? Seriously, all I get from this place is a hard time! I'm in the wrong line of business!!!

The Dinsmores said...

Where's my picture of Blake Shelton? :)