Saturday, January 30, 2010

just a hunk a hunk a BURNING love

Our family loves the show Man Vs. food. We get to learn a little bit about different cities, get a glimpse at what the locals eat and of course wonder, is THIS going to be the time the host has a heart attack in mid bite of his 5000 calorie, 229 grams of fat of whatever it is he is eating this time. Education then humor, you gotta love it!
Brian and Jakob like peppers. We cook with all different kinds and they both like to taste pieces of them as we cook. A few weekends ago, while we were all grocery shopping together, they got an idea. They would do a Habanero eating contest. They tried to talk me, Alex and Hannah into. We explained to them that we liked our sinus cavities and taste buds just like they were and that we would laugh at them while their heads spontaneously combusted cheer them on from the side lines :) They each had one pepper to finish. The idea was to see who could finish it first, without melting into a puddle of sweat. Brian finished his whole one, Jakob did a little more than half. And I think they are both a little crazy or good reality TV material :)

The Habanero challenge

first bites

cooling off the palate


noting like an ice cube to cool off the situation.

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