Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In case you live under a rock or just REALLY REALLY don't care about it, THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!! As I was typing this I did scream that sentence at the top of my lungs and do the second line at the same time. Because you know, that's how we roll!

I'm not a football fan. I enjoy having or attending parties to celebrate these games or any other games for that matter. Truth be told, I pretty much just like to eat and have some beers with friends. So the actual act of the 2 teams wearing really tight pants and knocking each other to the ground for a ball, I still don't get. This year football, wasn't just about football anymore. It was about a city that has hit some bumps in the road. A city that I proudly call home. The Saints are to New Orleans what the Statue of Liberty is to New York. SACRED. I remember being a little girl and my daddy torturing me, by making us all go to the Saints training camp practices.
We need to support our players, he would say.

It was BLAH BLAH BLAH to me.

I married a man who would much rather be running 500 miles than watching sports on T.V. Then came along two little boys, Alex and Jakob.

My boys LOVE to watch ANY and ALL sports.

Football. Awesome.
Baseball. Sweet.
Basketball. Cha Ching.
Soccer, swimming, cricket, men's underwater flying trapeze zebra wrestling. Score.

ANY and ALL sports people.
So I have gotten used to the sports seasons and what munchies go best with each sport.

This year, I found myself wanting to be at a sports restaurant on Sundays to watch the game
(In Georgia we only got a hand full of the Saints games on regular T.V).

What was happening to me?

I started to S L O W L Y understand 1st and 4th and a safety (just a little bit) and what games meant what to who and why (again just a little bit).

We won a whole bunch, sprinkled in a few loses.

Then a Championship win and we were Superbowl bound.

Just like the end to all good fairy tales, the good guys won and they all lived happily ever after....

The city of New Orleans wasn't magically fixed by the Saints amazing season. They're still on the road to recovery. What did happen was people, if only for a minute, people can now understand the passion that New Orleanians have. The people in that city greeted the players at the airport after every away game, whether they lost or won. We celebrate our good fortune, our loved ones lives after they pass away, and the fact that we raised on good manners, good food and knowing that your family and friends will always have your back.

And that my friends is what's called being a PROUD member of the WHO DAT NATION!!!

here we go!!

I told our guests that we were doing the second line during every commercial. And at the end of the game we were celebrating NO MATTER what happened.
Well what happened was tear filled cheers and who dat toasts at the end of the night, and a happy happy city!

How much longer until football season???

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