Saturday, January 30, 2010


At some point this week between 2 of my 3 kids getting sick on the same day of my first Math test, having 2, 3 page papers due on topics that my teacher must of been high or drunk or both when she picked them because I needed an entire bottle of Motrin just to get through the first page, extra basketball practices to get ready for tournaments, a dog who I swear needs to be high or drunk or both because AS GOD is my witness if she pulls down one more item off my counter top and eats its and then throws it up (because you know, digestion tracks aren't made for PICTURE FRAMES, NECKLACES, CHECKBOOKS!) I'm going to turn her into some kind of wall art :) of course all the while Brian was out of town for all the festivities, I LOST MY MIND!

Yes, I know I have talked about losing it before. I was wrong those times. Because this time it literally popped out through my eyeballs, dangled in front of my face, as if to tease me and then fell on the floor. And as my luck would have it, my dog Iris immediately ate it and then puked it up on my favorite red flats.

Thursday came, everyone was better and back at school, hubby was home, and I ran my mind through the dishwasher and properly inserted it back in my head, so that it can all RINSE AND REPEAT next week.


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Elizabeth said...

I'll write your papers for ya.


Well, kinda.


Now, I have to explain to Sam why I just snorted water over the keyboard and that I wasn't laughing at the American Idol contestants (cause that would be mean).

D's out of town too. I think you and I need to go out of town on business. I'm thinking, Little Palm Island in Florida????